Rules Of American Baccarat

If you are planning to play baccarat at an American casino or wish to try the game at an online casino, you need to understand the rules of the game. Here the main points about the game to help you get started.

Hands of the game

When you are playing a table game like บาคาร่า, you will have two hands dealt, that of the banker and that of the player. The object of this game is usually to bet on either of the two hands. You need to come with a score that is closest to 9. You could bet either on one of the hands or you could bet that there would be a tie.

Betting options

Usually in baccarat you could make a bet based on the following options:

  • Bet on player’s hand.
  • Bet on banker’s hand.
  • Bet on a tie.

Usually there are other rules or complexities of betting that one can explore in detail if they wish to understand the odds of winning at this game. In general the game is played with eight decks of cards. In certain online casinos the game is played with a lower deck of cards, six or so.  The cards are shuffled by the dealer of the game and they are placed in a box known as the “shoe”.


The deals are usually rotated among the players who can be 14 to a maximum. A deal is passed among the players in a counter clockwise manner around the table as the shoe is passed. Every player gets to be the banker in different rounds. These rules might seem confusing at first. However, the callers are there to assist the players around the baccarat table. A player has the option of being a banker or passing the shoe to the next player, giving up their option of being a Banker. As long as the banker hand keeps winning, that player will continue in that role.


The cards are dealt in fours and face down to the players. The player who wagers the largest amount usually gets the first card while the second card is from the banker’s hand. In this way four cards are dealt in each round. The cards are placed in the designated areas marked Player, Banker or Tie in front of each player. The cards are valued in a different way in this game. While Jack, King and Queen as well as 10 are valued at zero, the other scores are as per the last digit of the total of the two cards for each hand.

These are the general rules that apply for American baccarat. If you are new to the game, you could try a virtual game at an online casino with virtual money. This will help you understand the game before you wager real money on such a game. One can increase their chances of winning at the game once they understand the betting odds properly. You could visit a site like where you can try the game online.

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