Play Addictive Gambling Games on Facebook

Play Addictive Gambling Games on Facebook

If you thought that gambling is only possible in fancy casinos, you sure haven’t explored the fantastic world of online gambling yet. Yes, this world is fantastic and we are not exaggerating!  Facebook, a social media platform that has made young and old sing similar tunes is a great place to enjoy gambling games. You can scratch and win tickets, play poker or even try your luck on the slot machines. The best thing is you can do all sitting at the comforts of your home.

Scratch and Win Lottery Tickets

You would have scratched credits many a times while gambling. This time do it on Facebook. You simply have to buy the scratch with the credits in your account, win tickets and trade them off for prizes.  Though the prizes are virtual, there are many fun stuffs to win, such as monsters, animals, dinosaurs etc. You have to get a complete set to move up the level. If you want to earn more credits, all you need to do is invite more friends to play along. While the first fifty credits are free, you have to play $1 for every new 50 credits.

Super Slot Machines

The Super Slot Machine can get addictive once your luck keeps ringing. You can start playing in the Royal Spin or Petting Zoo slot machine. All you need to do is pull the lever and start playing. There are lots of virtual prizes to be won – from animals to birds, fruits to flowers and more. Every pull on the lever costs one credit. You can either buy credits (40 credits for $1) or earn them by inviting more Facebook friends to play, installing other Facebook apps, filling out surveys and also by signing up on various websites. However, you get the first 40 credits free. Moreover, when you complete a prize set, your daily credit amount increases.

Texas HoldEm Poker

The Texas HoldEm Poker is an ideal game for times when your friends can’t get together to play the much beloved poker game. This Facebook app game allows you to join a table and play virtually with other people in real time. This is a highly interactive game and we can assure, you won’t miss your buddies once you start playing this online! But you can always invite them so that you earn more chips. There is a lot more you can do here. You can chat while playing the game. You can complete tournaments and try to win the championship title. You can even create your private table and play with your trusted friends.

Gambling is great fun and these Facebook applications prove that you don’t always need to plan a weekend to play the fun games. The Facebook gambling games can also be played even when your friends are not around as there are more people in the virtual world playing these games. Moreover, the prizes are worth the time spent and since they don’t really cost much, you won’t find a reason to complain!

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